Highgate Rise by Anne Perry



Inspector Thomas Pitt is called to investigate the death of a doctor’s wife from a fire set in their home. Inspector Pitt investigates the doctor and those he knew while his wife Charlotte, intrigued by the wife, investigates the work that she was involved in. 


  • #11 in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series
  • Victorian London
  • Historical mystery



The mystery of Highgate Rise held my interest. I guessed the murderer but I think it was mostly a lucky guess. While the plot keeps the story going what I really enjoyed were the characters. The author, Perry, does a great job in creating characters that are intriguing and many layered. I especially love Charlotte and Thomas and their family and the peaks into not only their lives, but the things that bring life enjoyment and the inner struggles they experience. I also love the time period and getting looks into life in London during a time that is often romanticized. Perry delves into social issues in this series and I found the theme of greed and pride and the effects on not only self but also others, timeless. 

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