Us Against You by Fredrik Backman


In Beartown, a town where hockey is everything, a star hockey player does something and the town must decide who to believe and what it is going to do next. In Us Against You the town faces the consequences of the choices made in Beartown. 


  • #2 in the Beartown trilogy
  • Heavy
  • Heartbreaking
  • Profanity
  • Character driven



Us Against You was such a heavy, at many times, depressing read. So often I would think, “Life is so hard in Beartown.” Backman’s writing is powerful and though few words are written there is so much emotion behind those words. When I would begin to wonder if I could continue reading because nothing good happened to anyone in that town, a character would do something that gave me hope. 

I found myself cheering on each and every character. Backman writes in a way that I came to understand each character, their motives, what drives those motives, their fears and their loves.  Understanding each character like that might be what made the book so heavy and at times hard to read. This book touched on so many themes and I think having so many themes showed that these were complex characters with complex backgrounds and lives. I would cringe at some of the decisions made by the characters but I also could see why they made it and sometimes wondered if they had any other choices. 

Us against You is about a town where hockey is everything. But really it is about people. I feel that the first book Beartown must be read first to truly understand the people and the town. 

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