Camino Island by John Grisham



Camino Island begins with the heist of 5 original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts. The story follows the thieves and the investigation. 


  • Quick read
  • Would make a fun beach read
  • Right vs wrong



I had a lot of fun reading Camino Island. I love a good heist so the book starting off with the heist was perfect. I loved all the inner details of the heist and was fascinated by them. There are a lot of characters that we follow in this book but I did not feel confused about who was who or what was going on. A large part of the book takes place on Camino Island where we follow a young writer trying to write her next novel. She becomes involved in the writing scene on the island and it was fun watching the writers and an independent bookstore owner interact. Kind of a behind the scene look at writers. I didn’t know until the end what happened to the manuscripts or what their fate would be. 

There was a part in the book where I felt the need to shout that women are more than just bodies and that took the fun I was having with the book down a couple of notches. The novel plays with the question of right vs wrong and this good definitely fit with that discussion.

I thought Camino Island was a fun read and also had some themes that could be discussed. 

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