Stress-Free Small Talk by Richard S. Gallagher, LMFT


A guide to managing social anxiety and making conversation



Easy to read

Exercises to practice



Sometimes engaging in conversation can be hard. Though this book deals more with those who struggle with social anxiety and therefore struggle with conversation, I felt that many of the  skills taught benefit all. Though I don’t suffer with social anxiety I have had my share of conversations that have not gone well. Often it is the small talk conversations that seem the most difficult for me and I found the suggestions very helpful. 

The book discusses what small talk is, why it is important and how it is used in society.

Explains shyness, introversion and anxiety.

Includes skills and exercises to prepare for social situations

Includes skills to handle social situations where small talk takes place. Even includes small details like how to stand and where to look. Lots of exercises are given to practice and use when in social situations.

Author includes personal experiences and experiences of other people to help show skills.

My copy of Stress-Free Small Talk was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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