Eva’s Eye by Karin Fossum



Eva’s Eye begins with Eva walking with her young daughter by the river where they spot a body. The first part of the story follows Inspector Sejar’s investigation into the dead body. The second part details the events leading up to the murder of the man found in the river. The story is told from the alternating points of view of Eva and Inspector Sejar. 


1st book in the Konrad Sejar series a Norwegian

Book in translation

Crime mystery



I found Eva’s Eye to be a good book. The characters were interesting and the plot was engaging. I liked the format of the book. Following the inspector as he worked to solved the case and then going back to the events leading up to the murder. The way everything unfolded at the end was a shock and I was pretty stunned by something that was revealed. 

The book had a slow feel to it. While I enjoyed reading it, I didn’t feel a huge push of momentum. I felt like a kept waiting to be left breathless. 

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