Death On The Downs by Simon Brett



Carole out exploring comes upon the bones of a human skeleton. Once again she and her friend Jude take up their own sleuthing. 


#2 in the Fethering Mystery series

Cozy mystery


Odd couple vibe



I loved the character development more than the mystery in Death on the Downs. There were a lot of characters introduced briefly and I didn’t get a strong handle on who they were. So when they reappeared I couldn’t remember who was who and who had which background. As the mystery is coming to an end Carole and Jude are coming up with answers that they aren’t sharing with the reader. I knew they knew, but just weren’t sharing and I’m not sure how I felt about that. 

I loved the continued look into the friendship of Carole and Jude. For me, the book was about friendship and the mystery was just a way to show this friendship. Friendship isn’t always easy . Especially new friendships with their insecurities and I liked that look into friendship.  Carole and Jude are both growing individually in this book and I really liked watching that development. It’s also interesting to me that Carole seems like such an open book and Jude is very much a mystery. Though there were times in this second book where they surprised me. 

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