The Quilter’s Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini


When Sarah struggles to find a job in a small town she agrees to help seventy-five year old Sylvia prepare her family estate for sell, while she continues to look for work. The estate has been neglected and much work is needed. In exchange for the help Sylvia, a master quilter, agrees to teach Sarah how to quilt. Along with the quilting lessons Sarah also receives fascinating stories about Elm Creek Manor which cause her to fall in love with the estate. Sarah then seeks to find a way to keep Sylvia from selling the estate.


– #1 in the Elm Creek Quilts series

– Quick, easy read

– Family

– Friendship

– Art, creativeness



I loved the look into Elm Creek Manor and the stories Sylvia told of the people that have lived there and the things that happened there. I also really like the relationship of Sarah and Sylvia. They were friends who helped one another and I loved that idea of a friendship between two women of such differing ages and experiences. Sarah joins a quilter’s guild which also showed friendships between women of different ages, personalities and experiences. I also loved the theme of creativeness and it’s importance in our lives and in society.

I struggled a bit with the main character Sarah. I listened to this on audiobook so I don’t know if that had something to do with my problems with Sarah, but I got annoyed with her. She seemed to complain and whine a lot and I just never really connected with her.

I will continue with the series but probably in book form and hopefully I’ll like Sarah better.

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