Triptych by Karin Slaughter


A crime thriller told in three parts involving police detective Michael, ex convict John, Georgia Bureau of Investigation specialist Will, and Angie a vice cop. 


  • #1 in the Will Trent series
  • Lots of cussing 
  • Graphic abuse
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Prostitution 
  • Life in jail
  • Tough read
  • Mother’s love and dedication
  • Heartbreaking
  • Characters that are complicated and very layered 



I came so close to only reading 50 pages of Triptych. The story starts off being told by police detective Michael and I did not like him. I wasn’t in the mood to read about another male, conceited, cussing, degrading, police detective. I did a quick search on Goodreads to find out if the series was going to continue with this character and his attitude. I learned that there are multiple narrators in the story and Michael was not the main character in the series and so I decided to stick with it a bit longer. I’m so glad I did! 

The subject of murdering and torturing women was a difficult one and I did not love all the cussing and graphic details. However, I did not feel as though it was done just to be crass. I felt like it was done in a manner that added to the story and helped me to see a part of many people’s lives that is far from my experiences. It’s so easy to judge people who are loud and rough but the author does a great job in helping me understand why some people are loud and tough and unlikeable. I loved the story of John and I felt like his experiences of being an ex-con  were the most realistic I have ever read. John’s story, past and present, was heartbreaking and what made the book for me. The suspense and thriller aspect of the novel was gripping and I was shocked as details were revealed. All of the characters were very well developed and though I did not like all of them I understood where they were coming from. They were characters with so many layers to them that I was just as intrigued and hooked by the characters as I was by the mystery

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