A Cold Day In Paradise by Steve Hamilton

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Alex McNight was a cop in Detroit until his partner was killed and he was shot three times. He retires to a small town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. A couple of murders hit this small town and the killer sends notes to Alex with details that sound like only one person. But this person should be in prison for the murder of Alex’s partner and for the three bullets put in him. 


  • 1st in the Alex McNight series
  • Quick read
  • Great setting
  • Plot driven



My favorite part of A Cold Day in Paradise was the setting. I lived in the upper part of the lower peninsula for three years and took a few trips to the upper peninsula so I really enjoyed the descriptions and the look into life in that quiet part of the world. The plot kept me going and the ending was a surprise. I’m not really sure yet how I feel about the main character so I will continue with the series. I hope the character of Alex gets more developed and I also hope some of the characters I didn’t like don’t return. 

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