New York Dead by Stuart Woods

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Walking home late one night police detective, Stone Barrington, witnesses a woman falling from a building. He runs to the building but fails to catch the person leaving the top apartment. When he returns to the place where the woman fell, he discovers that she somehow survived the fall. She is put into an ambulance, and then disappears completely. When the fallen woman turns out to be an anchorwoman all eyes are turned to Stone as he tries to discover what happened and whether or not Sasha Nijinsky is still alive. 


  • #1 in the Stone Barrington series
  • Look into police departments
  • Explicit content
  • Derogatory comments about women and other minorities
  • Cussing 



I really liked the premise of New York Dead. Unfortunately that is all I liked. I became turned off fairly early in the book with Stone’s view of woman and it just went downhill from there. I can’t remember the last time I have rolled my eyes so often in a book. There is nothing that felt realistic, the cussing bothered me, I could tell it was written in 1991, I guessed everything that happened in the end, and I didn’t like a single character. This will be a series I will not be continuing. 

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