A Separate Peace by John Knowles

ED195EBE-F629-415F-83D5-6040DFE23FFEBook Blurb

A coming of age story set during World War ll at a boy’s school

Quick Glance

  • Teenagers 
  • Reflective writing style
  • Character driven
  • Classic
  • Friendship

Love It or Loath It


I loved most of it. I attended a boarding high school and so I’m pretty picky about the way boarding schools are portrayed. Way to often they are portrayed with the freedom of a college but for teenagers. A boarding school is taking on the responsibility of its under age students. There would be serious consequences if kids kept leaving the school on their own. But, who knows, maybe boarding schools in the 1940’s had no concerns for keeping their students safe.

Other than the leniency in rules and protecting students I enjoyed the book. Teenagers have a way of thinking the world revolves around them as they seek to understand who they are and what their place in the world is. I loved how this coming of age story was done and found it an enjoyable, though hard at times, journey to go on with Gene. I loved the slow, reflective writing style and felt it went well with the internal struggles Gene has. I also loved the different depictions of friendship throughout the book and Gene’s understanding of friendship changing and evolving. 

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