Silence in Hanover Close by Anne Perry

DA735B44-2ACF-4A90-9323-917AF5832859I think the ninth book in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, Silence in Hanover Close, by Anne Perry is my favorite book in the series at this point. Inspector Pitt is asked to reopen a three-year-old murder. As often happens in this series, Pitt’s wife, Charlotte,  involves herself and her sister, Emily,  in the investigation against her husbands wishes. This book takes a few different turns in that investigation than other books displayed which made it a really fun read. 

I really loved Thomas, Charlotte and Emily in this book. They each in their own and different from one another ways, learned and grew. They began to see the world in which they live and function in a different way and learned more about people not just like them. 

As always the Victorian London setting was vivid in descriptions and Perry is great at describing everything in a way that is easy to picture. The ending of the mystery took me completely by surprise and was not at all what I was imagining would happen. 

As this book is part of a series with many recurring characters I do think it is helpful to have read the earlier books to understand some of the things that have happened to the characters but it probably isn’t necessary. The plot isn’t affected by past readings of the series but you do gain more understanding of the characters.

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