The Alchemist of Lost Souls by Mary Lawrence

56427B14-D16F-4FB1-9F57-1BD4B823044DIn The Alchemist of Lost Souls, the fourth book in the Bianca Goddard mystery series, by Mary Lawrence, Bianca agrees to help her father who she has a strenuous relationship with. Her father, Albern, an Alchemist, created a powerful new element and it has been stolen. Along with trying to placate her father, she finds herself helping in the murder of a women and dealing with the loneliness she feels after her husband, John, is sent off to help in King Henry the VIII’s army. 

This is my favorite book so far in the series. I felt like the plot moved at a good pace. I was intrigued as Bianca searches for the element and tries to discover who the murderer was. We find out a bit more about the Rat Man and how he became the Rat Man and what his purpose is now. I liked Bianca so much more in this book. She actually seemed to love her husband and she seemed less selfish than I felt she was in previous books. She struggles with her relationship with her parents and we learn a bit more about that relationship. She befriends a barmaid, Cammy, who I hope to see in future books. I continued to love the setting and love the look into life in the 1550’s. I also really like learning about what early scientific pursuits might have looked like. 

This is a great cozy mystery but involves alchemy and is set in the 1550’s, both of which are unusual and make the book series different than so many others in this genre. 

Thanks to the publisher Kensington for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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