Dreams of Falling by Karen White

A40C7786-0B0D-48DC-8A5F-DDC6562FC79C Dreams of Falling by Karen White is a southern story about family secrets and moving on from our pasts. The story is told in multigenerational flashbacks between the past and the present. In the present we follow the story of Larkin and her return to her hometown after nine years of being away. We learn of why she left and why she has not wanted to return and why she is angry with her parents. In the past storyline we follow the story of Larkin’s grandmother, Margaret, and her best friends, Ceecee and Bitty. Larkin realizes that there is much about her family that she does not know and so she begins to ask questions and search for answers. Dreams of Falling is the story of what she discovers in her search. 

There were many things I really enjoyed about this book. Karen White has a beautiful, descriptive way of writing that I really enjoyed and was probably my favorite part of the book. She tackles some great themes and I enjoyed thinking about family and the past and whether it is helpful or harmful to dissect our pasts. There is much to discuss about family and love, jealousy and the sacrifices others make because of the mistake of one person. This would be a fun book to read with others as there is so much to discuss.

I struggled with the characters in this book. While I really liked the story the characters just fell flat for me. They felt fluffy and without the substance that I enjoy in characters. I probably enjoyed the characters in the past storyline the most because the book went by quickly during those segments. When the story followed Larkin I really struggled with staying engaged. 

If you love a good story with lots to discuss and think about afterwards and characters with a lot of substance is not important to you Dreams of Falling would be a great read. 

My copy of Dreams of Falling was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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