When Falcons Fall by C.S. Harris

425cf0a0-4efb-4ffa-8bb7-ee4ca20e89ce When Falcons Falls, book eleven in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, by C.S. Harris finds Sebastian with his little family in a small village where they have gone to deliver something to Jamie Knox’s grandmother. While there a young woman is found dead. The village’s new magistrate asks Sebastian for help as he doesn’t think the young woman took her own life. Sebastian uncovers a village full of troubles. From young women who have apparently taken their own lives before, to the French Emperor Napoleon’s brother held captive under the British government to an ancient monastery. Sebastian must wade through the complicated village as he also grapples with his own demons in this village that may hold clues as to who his father is. 

I have really come to love this series and When Falcons Fall was just as wonderful as the past books in the series. I really loved the change in setting. The author, Harris, does a wonderful job in describing this little village and the surrounding lands. I enjoyed watching Sebastian navigate a place he was not familiar with. The mystery was intriguing as there were several suspects and motives. As Sebastian goes around the village talking to people and gathering facts I felt I was right there with him trying to figure out who killed the young woman. 

In When Falcons Fall Hero once again helps Sebastian. I love her insights and her involvement in discovering who the murdered young woman was. It was so much fun watching them work together. They make a great working pair and I hope when they return to London she will continue to be a part of what Sebastian finds himself involved in. Sebastian is trying to discover who he is and I love Hero’s patience as he goes on this painful quest. 

One of my favorite things about the Sebastian St. Cyr series is what I learn about British history. Each book seems to have some part of British history that I had no idea about and that leads me to doing more research to learn more. This time I learned about Enclosure Acts and the affect they had on poor people and who they really benefited. 

This is a wonderful series and one I hope you will read. The books do need to be read in order but they go quickly.

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