The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

2c153752-ad13-417b-b91d-b7c3be07c7f7 In The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan, Nina, a 29 year old, shy, librarian loses her job as the library closes. With no job options doing what she would love to do, she moves to Scotland and begins to run her own business selling books out of a van. 

Nina has always been quiet, observing life through books more than living life. In Scotland she finds herself living life, making mistakes, fixing them and moving on. 

I loved this book. I think it was the book I needed right now. I recognize that this is not the perfect book. Things came together a little to conveniently to seem realistic and the book was a bit predictable. But I didn’t seem to mind any of the book’s flaws because I was swept away. Reading this book was comfortable. It was calming and I think that is what made it such a perfect read for me. I could picture the small Scottish village with the vast openness in the land. A place where things are calm and not hectic and pressure filled. With the busyness of life right now this was a book that calmed me. I looked forward to picking it up because it took me away from a hectic life. It was exactly the book I needed right now and I think Nina would have been pleased. 

In The Bookshop on the Corner, author Jenny Colgan, creates a character, Nina, who loves books. Nina finds books for people to read that will connect their internal universe with the external. Colgan not only created a character with that ability but she did it with me. 

What is a book that was just what you needed at the time?

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