Christmas By Accident by Camron Wright

E3E143B2-0123-4F4B-B492-B08CDEEAFE2F Christmas By Accident by Camron Wright explained perfectly the draw to Christmas books for so many. Carter is an insurance adjuster who is in the wrong job. He loves to create and tries to find ways to make his very boring job more creative. Often to the distress of his boss. When Carter learns of how many books are written for Christmas, he decides he can write a Christmas book. He first researches by reading all the Christmas books he can find. As Carter studies Christmas books he finds common themes of love, faith, home, scrooges, saints. The plots are trivial and hard to believe, but that doesn’t matter at Christmas, and there is always a Christmas miracle. When Carter meets Abby he learns if Christmas books are really true to life. Is Christmastime in fact filled with love, faith, hope and miracles?

Christmas books seem to be rather short and therefore not as much character development goes into the books as I like. But, I did enjoy Christmas By Accident. The characters were easy to know for the length of the book. They were a bit quirky and funny. I thought the plot was fun and enjoyed reading as Carter researches Christmas books. Along with the Christmas themes of love, hope, faith and miracles there was also the theme of finding a purpose for your life. 

I would have loved this book more if it was longer and had more character development and if everything didn’t come so easily for everyone. But then I have to wonder if it would have fit with my love of Christmas books?

Christmas By Accident did fit my love for Christmas books and was a great, short read to fill those busy days that come with the Christmas holiday. 

My copy of Christmas By Accident was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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