Who Buries The Dead by C.S. Harris

EC653F51-1352-4A7D-B4CE-BAD64628AA4C The tenth book, Who Buries the Dead, in the Sebastian St. Cyr series by C.S. Harris is my favorite so far. And no, not because Jane Austen plays a part in the book, and no not because Sebastian’s cat who has been nameless, is named Mr. Darcy. 

Stanley Preston, a wealthy, socially ambitious West Indies plantation owner is discovered decapitated. Preston was a collector of historical artifacts and also had a wicked temper. Sebastian always fighting for justice seeks to discover who committed this horrific act. 

As with all the books in this series the historical elements are top notch, the descriptions of setting and place make it seem as if I am there. The characters are varied and intriguing. The mystery had me guessing until it was revealed. I loved this book so much because of the burden that Sebastian carries from his time in the war. For the decisions he must make as he wrestles with fighting for justice even if it puts his family in harm’s way. I feel for Sebastian and his search to discover who he is. There is also a heartbreaking event and the themes of redemption and fear. 

The Sebastian St. Cyr books pull me in. It is dangerous when I start a new one as I don’t want to do anything but read it. 

These books do need to be read in order.

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