Why Kings Confess by C.S. Harris

img_2803 Sebastian St. Cyr has dedicated himself to seeking justice for murder victims. In Why Kings Confess Sebastian seeks justice for a murdered Frenchman, Damion Pelletan, found dead along with a woman barely clinging to her life.

The Sebastian St. Cyr series follows in many ways a format. An unusual, usually gruesome murder, political scheming, many attacks on Sebastian, great characters, some romance, historical themes and setting that leave me learning more and more, and a writing style that I really enjoy. 

Why Kings Confess does not stray from the usual format. Even though this is the ninth book in the series I did not find myself getting bored. Solving the murder is always great fun. Somehow I am always on the wrong trail. Somehow though Sebastian never is. I really enjoyed the historical elements in this book. I discovered that I really did not know much about the beginnings of the French Revolution and the things that were done to the royal family. The romance between Sebastian and Hero is as wonderful as always. Added to their romance a new romance begins to blossom between two other characters. The writing was as atmospheric as ever and often left me sighing in satisfaction.

I read four books in this series this month and yet I can’t get my hands on the next one soon enough. 

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