The Gold Pawn by L.A. Chandlar

D71A29B5-0A7A-41A3-ACC0-B1EE0D69A7DC What do you do with the choices that you are faced with? The choices that in the long run will dictate the kind of person you will be. Do you give into the anger, or walk away from it? These are questions that The Gold Pawn, the second book in the Art Deco mystery series, by L. A. Chandlar, deals with. 

The Gold Pawn follows where The Silver Gun left off. Lane continues to have dreams that seem to have something to do with the death of her parents. This time a gold pawn is appearing in those dreams. Lane and her friends, including the mayor of New York, Fiorello La Guardia, work to discover who the new leader of the Red Scroll is. Lane goes to the home of her childhood to uncover the mystery of her parents in hopes that the information will not only answer personal questions and concerns she has, but also provide clues to discover the identity of who Rex Ruby, the leader of the Red Scroll, left his empire to. Will Lane and her friends discover what they need before the new leader takes over?

I enjoyed the theme of choices we make. There are a couple of times when characters must make a choice and that choice leads them down the path of who they will be. Though it isn’t always as easy as one choice. Often we make a choice and realize that isn’t the path we want to go down and so we make a different kind of choice. I like how the author, Chandlar, shows that it isn’t always just one choice. 

This is a fun, easy, quick read that will keep you guessing until the end. I was pretty surprised by a couple of plot twists that were revealed. The characters and the writing has an easy going flow. I do think you should read The Silver Gun first as it sets up a lot about the past of most of the characters. If you are looking for a serious, darker mystery then this one probably isn’t for you. It has a very lighthearted, happy feel to it. 

Thanks to Kensington Publishing for providing my copy. 

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