Where Shadows Dance by C.S. Harris

C74B7CC4-D73B-4DCC-AFB9-6D28BC0A54CB I think its always hard not to say to much about a mystery book. So I won’t say much about what happens in Where Shadows Dance, the sixth book in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, by C. S. Harris. 

I will say that I really learned a lot about the history of England in this book. The history of England in 1812 and their relationships with Sweden, Russia, France and America. I love learning history in a fun way! I don’t have to feel guilty for spending a couple of hours reading when I should be working because I’m learning history and history is important. Right?

As with the past books in this series there are a lot of people who seem be involved. As Sebastian tries to gather information he finds the suspect list growing larger and larger before he is able to narrow it down. This means that for me, the reader, its a fun journey because I see how so many people could have been involved and I have no idea who really was. 

Though I won’t say much more I will say that this story has grave snatchers, a strong woman who lives up to her name but also has such tender love for her parents despite their obvious weaknesses. There is also a couple who are getting to know each other better and I think they are liking what they are discovering and I love that. 

These books just keep getting better and better and pulling me more and more into the life of Sebastian. 


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