What Comes With The Dust by Gharbi M. Mustafa

img_2764What do you do when when life as you know it is destroyed? What Comes With The Dust by Gharbi M. Mustafa tells the story of the massacre of the Yazidis people by ISIS in Iraq.

I really knew nothing about this event and I found the book to be pretty informative in showing me what happened. This is a plot driven story. Which is probably a good thing. I do not think I could have handled this book had it been more character driven and had I felt more connected to the characters. The events depicted are horrific. The author, Mustafa, does not shy away from detailing what happens in the massacre. It was a very difficult story to read about.

What I loved about the story were the many examples of kindness. Even among such horrific events which show humans doing unspeakable things to one another, there are those who despite their own hardships, show kindness and love to someone in need.

What Comes With The Dust was an interesting book. It was a difficult read and I can’t begin to imagine that unfortunately it is the life of far to many people. This book does carry with it all the violence triggers – self harm, physical abuse, shootings, rape, suicide. This is also a good book to read for an insight into refugees and what they go through and what they are seeking. It also has examples of strong women. Woman who are smart and filled with courage and who don’t give up.

My copy of What Comes With The Dust was provided by the publisher via Netgalley. Thanks!

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