Rutland Place by Anne Perry

09E0E711-ED3A-4FE3-B1C7-A2B76B6ADB29 When reading books in the Charlotte & Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry I feel like the mystery is just a way to look into human nature. 

Rutland Place, the fifth book in the series, begins when Charlotte’s mother, Caroline, asks her to help her find a locket. The locket contains a picture which would reveal a secret Caroline is keeping. As Charlotte visits with neighbors to figure out if the locket was misplaced or stolen, she soon discovers that many neighbors are missing little articles. When one of the women dies and that death is soon discovered to be murder, Charlotte and Thomas, and Charlotte’s sister Emily, take a closer look into this little neighborhood to solve the mystery and save their family. 

Rutland Place is about the mystery of the stolen items and the murder but I felt like those were a way to look at secrets and what secrets do not only to us but to those around us. Is it okay to have a secret? Does it depend on what that secret is? What happens when a secret is revealed? Does knowing someone else’s secret give you power over them?

I loved looking into secrets and I loved how the author, Perry, uses lost items and a murder to look into that part of human nature. This is not a fast moving, plot driven mystery. I think when you are looking into human nature you have to take things a bit more slowly. 

This is a great series. I think you could probably read them out of order but I also think they would make more sense if you did read them in order. There are characters that have appeared in other books and so by reading the earlier books you get more background information. 

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