What Remains of Heaven by C. S. Harris

FBA6FA61-11CB-43E9-9D7B-A81B477BEDF6 The Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series by C. S. Harris is becoming very addicting. I love the mystery that Sebastian finds himself trying to solve in each book. The justice he is seeking for the person who has been murdered. All the while he has his own personal difficulties and mysteries that haunt him. The murder mystery gets solved by the end of each book but the mysteries and relationships surrounding Sebastian’s life is what has me coming back for more and more. 

In What Remains of Heaven, the fifth book in the series, Sebastian is asked by his Aunt Henrietta and the Archbishop of Canterbury to find out why the Bishop of London has been found murdered in an old crypt along with another unknown body. As he begins to probe into the Bishop’s life he discovers that Hero Jarvis had an appointment to see him shortly before he was murdered. Sebastian becomes more intrigued to learn what the Bishop was doing the last few days before his murder. 

It seemed to me that there were a lot of people in this book and sometimes I found it hard to keep track who was who. Sebastian’s life though, made up for any problems with keeping the people who may or may not be involved in the Bishop’s murder straight. Something that I suspected was revealed to be true and Sebastian’s life is about to change forever. 

These books are so much fun! You do need to read them in order, but they read quickly and you just may find yourself hooked after a couple of books!

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