Resurrection Row by Anne Perry

587DB899-77D5-4859-8375-46110EC4C22B It’s October! If you like to read books that follow the spooky theme of October Resurrection Row is a book to add. Resurrection Row is the fourth book in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry. It is the perfect October read because it is a mystery about corpses that keep turning up and some found to be missing from their graves. 

When the first corpse turns up in an empty hansom cab Inspector Pitt is on the case to discover who would leave a corpse who has already been buried in a cab. What message were they sending and to who? Inspector Pitt is soon using all of his best skills as more corpses are dug up and left around a neighborhood. 

I am still really loving this series. One of the things I really love is the atmosphere the author creates. I can picture London and sometimes I can feel it, the cold and the wet. Which is saying something since it is still in the 90’s where I live. I also feel like I have a much better understanding of London in the 1880’s. I have learned a lot about the higher society of Victorian London and how it functions and the thoughts of those members of that society. Their values and rules and ways of living. In Resurrection Row Perry not only weaves a mystery about corpses but also shows us the other side of that living. The poor and the conditions that they live in and some of the reasons for the way they live. 

You could read Resurrection Row without reading the three books before it. Though some of the characters in it have been in preceding books and I think you get a better sense of who they are by reading the books in order. But, there isn’t any action or information that is essential  so if you just want the creepy book with corpses then you would probably be okay with just reading Resurrection Row. Though I think you would get much more out of it by reading the other three books. October is a long month so you have plenty of time!

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