Where Serpents Sleep by C.S. Harris

8CD0AC71-771F-439C-850C-7DC7F65769C1The Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery series gets better and better with each book!

In Where Serpents Sleep, the fourth book in the series, Hero Jarvis, the daughter of Lord Jarvis, a man Sebastian hates, turns to Sebastian for help in finding who killed a prostitute. Can Hero and Sebastian forget their dislike for each other in order to work together? 

I loved the pairing of Hero and Sebastian. They have a complicated relationship that just seems to get more and more complicated. I also really came to love Hero in this book. She is strong and smart and has respect and love and tenderness for her parents, and those not as fortunate as her. Though in this book she learns just what a huge divide that fortune entails. I also find the politics of this time period, London 1812, fascinating. 

If you like mystery, London, Regency, a little romance, or surprises start this series. While this has been my favorite book so far I do think you need to read these in order. 

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