Treacherous Is The Night by Anna Lee Huber

1A8B03C5-4E5F-46CE-B572-1B9CE08BE378 Armistice Day, the formal end of The Great War was November 11, 1918. This November will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of that war. Treacherous Is The Night is a great book to read to remember those who fought and helped in the war and to learn a little more about a time 100 years ago. 

Treacherous Is The Night is the newest Anna Lee Huber book. I have loved her Lady Darby series and I loved her first book, This Side of Murder, in her new Verity Kent series. Treacherous Is The Night is the second book in that series. During the war Verity worked as a spy in the Secret Service. She often worked with La Dame Blanche, also a spy collecting information organization and often consisting of women. Verity learns that someone knows of her work in the Secret Service, which was suppose to be a secret. A woman who worked with the La Dame Blanche may be dead which Verity won’t believe. Though her marriage is struggling she leaves for Belgium to try and discover who knows about her secret work and to help her friend. 

Treacherous Is The Night did a great job is showing how war affects people. Those who fight and must come to terms with the things they had to do and the things they saw. Those who stayed behind but still had to put their lives on hold as they also found ways to help and as they waited for soldiers to hopefully return home to them. I really like Verity. She learned to be strong during the war as she gathered information for Britain. She has learned to stand up for herself and what she wants. But she is also vulnerable. With the return of her husband Sidney she finds herself working for her marriage. They must both discover the new person each other has become and the heartbreak and forgiveness that follows. 

I really enjoyed Treacherous Is The Night. I was as caught up in whether or not Sidney and Verity work out their problems as I was about the mystery. I loved learning more about World War I and especially the La Dame Blanche and the great strong women who found a way to take part in fighting for what they loved. 

My copy of Treacherous Is The Night was provided by Kensington Books and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I loved my special copy. Thanks Kensington Books!

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