When Gods Die by C.S. Harris

CB3A0415-5C94-4A05-B9BE-806CF339683A When Gods Die by C.S. Harris is the second book in the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery series. As in the first book, What Angels Fear, author Harris combines historical fiction with several different mystery threads with a little romance thrown in. Because of his ability to be around the upper class Sebastian is asked to help solve a murder of the wife of a Marquis who is found dead in the arms of the Prince Regent. He agrees partly because of a necklace found on the Marchioness which he recognizes as a unique necklace his mother wore. Though this time Sebastian is not trying to prove his innocence he still finds himself in many dangerous situations.

I enjoy the historical fiction aspect of the story. The description of England in the early 1800’s, especially for women and children are heartbreaking. I also really enjoyed coming to know Sebastian better. His family relationships are complicated and are one of the mystery threads going through the books so far. The mystery of the murder of the Marchioness had me guessing until the end. Sebastian often gets into different characters to get the information he needs. Going as far as changing his appearance and the way he acts and talks. This brings a fun way for Sebastian to gather his information. There are surprises alone the way and one that had my eyes widen in shock. 

This book, along with the first in the series, can be a bit detailed in violence and sexual scenes. Though I didn’t think they were upsetting or distracting and easy to skip over.

This is becoming a series I am really enjoying and am anxious to read the next one. 

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