This Side of Murder by Anna Lee Huber

4C0665AB-97D3-4FD6-86D8-22F5A6969D32I have loved reading the Lady Darby mystery series written by Anne Lee Huber. So when I discovered she had another series I knew I would be trying it out. I was a little nervous at first. I love Lady Darby so much. I love the setting of Scotland and the relationship between Kiera and Gage and also Kiera’s relationship with her siblings. I love the struggles she goes through and the growth she has experienced throughout the series. Would a new series hold up to all that? Would a new series be so similar it was like reading Lady Darby but yet not quite?

Anna Lee Huber’s new series is the Verity Kent Mystery series. This Side of Murder is the first book in the series. I’m so excited to say it help up! I really enjoyed it. Verity Kent was sophisticated, smart, and flawed. The setting is England in 1919. The story takes place mostly on an island but has references to World War I and London. I love that time period and I really liked learning more about World War I and what it was like both for those fighting in the war and those waiting at home trying to carry on their lives. We get a sense for that as the characters deal with things that happened to a certain battalion. The book had a great mystery and suspense. There was one scene that left me gasping out loud in surprise. I can’t wait for more books to come out in the series so I can get to know Verity Kent and follow her adventures.

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