Gateway to the Moon by Mary Morris

C85C5D2F-68CB-445E-A254-D0947F789F6C Have you ever come across a book that you really like except for……? If it wasn’t for that “except for” it would be a book that you really enjoyed but because of the “except for” it becomes a book that was just ok?

Gateway to the Moon by Mary Morris was such a book for me. This is a book that follows a boy, Miguel, living in Entrada, New Mexico, as he searches for his place in the world. The story also follows the ancestors of Entrada’s residents starting in fifteenth-century Spain. 

I loved the setting of New Mexico. I have family living in that area and I could so easily picture the area and I understood the town of Entrada. I loved the flashbacks dating to early Spain and I learned so much about the history of Spain and Mexico City during that time. It was all very fascinating to me. I liked the characters, especially Miguel and the people in his life. They seemed so real and true for that area of the country. Miguel isn’t the only character searching for his place, most of the characters are and I loved reading their experiences as they searched. 

I loved it all except for the many passages about characters’ sexual thoughts and experiences. There are many narrators in this story and every time a new narrator spoke we heard their sexual thoughts. Every time. The passages did nothing to enhance my understanding of the characters and did not really have anything to do with the plot. There was no reason for it and because it happened so often I would begin just rolling my eyes when a new character would narrator and it would come up. It just had no purpose and unfortunately it happened so often as to ruin the book for me. 

My copy of Gateway to the Moon was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

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