What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris

DB02873D-FBAE-40B5-9729-807338273028I love book series, mysteries and historical fiction. What Angels Fear by C. S. Harris is a perfect fit. 

What Angels Fear takes place in London in 1811. Sebastian St. Cyr is a young nobleman who has recently returned from fighting in the Napoleonic War. A young woman has been murdered and evidence left at the scene implicates Sebastian. Sebastian runs from the police and tries to discover who killed the young woman in hopes of clearing his name. Sebastian, who is on the run from the police throughout the novel, disguises himself as he talks with the people involved in the young woman’s life, which I thought was a fun element. 

What Angels Fear is the first book in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. At this date there are thirteen books in the series. I will definitely be continuing the series. I enjoyed learning more about that time period in London, more specifically some of the political things going on. I enjoyed the character of Sebastian. As I got to know him better throughout the book he was very different then what we are first introduced with. I also loved the characters of his friends Kat, Tom and Paul who help him. I hope to see them in more of the books in the series. 

If you are a sensitive reader you may want to pass this book by. There were a couple of places that were pretty descriptive about the murder of the young women. Though they would be easy to skip over and they didn’t happen very often. 

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