Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe

95794DF0-A738-41B8-9943-32DF30DD6929 Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice Monroe is the second book in the Beach House series.  I read the first book The Beach House and it caught my attention enough to continue with the series. Swimming House is similar to The Beach House in that it continues which the story of the women who live in Primrose Cottage. The Beach House mostly focused on the story of Olivia Rutledge and her daughter Cara, while introducing us to Toy Sooner. In Swimming Lessons the story is mostly focused on Toy while continuing to tell us the story of Cara.  Toy, a single mother, has worked hard to be able to support herself and her daughter. She as been building a foundation and now it is time to trust in that foundation and move forward. But first Toy must learn to trust herself and all that she has learned.

I really enjoyed learning more about the women that were introduced in The Beach House.  Like The Beach House, Swimming Lessons is told in multiple perspectives so I really feel like I’m coming to know the characters better. I enjoyed the growth of Toy, not just the growth from the first book to this one, but also the growth that she experiences in this book. She has a lot of things to consider and figure out, her career, relationships with men and what she wants in a relationship, what kind of mother she wants to be and if she has become a good mother, and she must learn to forgive herself for mistakes she has made in the past.  

While I enjoyed getting to know the characters better in Swimming Lessons I don’t really feel strongly about them. I don’t feel really emotionally connected to any of them. Their stories are interesting but I don’t really feel heartbroken or sad for any of their experiences. 

This is a light easy read with a good story. A perfect beach read

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