The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe

E89B41B2-D9D3-44AB-B4A3-F9DA53FC09EC In The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe, Lovie has sent for her daughter Cara to return to the family beach house. Even though Cara has been distant from her mother for some time, after an ending to her high profile job she decides to return to the summer home. While there she begins to mend her relationship with her mother, renew old friendships and make new ones. She discovers not only more about her mother and her family but also about herself and her priorities begin to change. 

The Beach House was a great mother daughter book. I enjoyed seeing Cara and Lovie as they worked on that relationship and came to know each other better. Lovie is known as the Turtle Lady because of the care she gives to the eggs of the sea turtles who come to land to lay and bury her eggs. I enjoyed learning about these turtles and theme of motherhood, whether it be between turtle and egg, or mother and daughter. I enjoyed all the characters, though at times I did feel that the characters of Lovie and Cara were not consistent. Sometimes Lovie seemed so strong and smart and then in other circumstances so weak and clueless. 

This is a light read and would be perfect as a nice relaxing summer read. This is the first in a series and I look forward to reading the others. 

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