A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber

A72C301E-6EFC-444D-88EB-566CAC88CD81 The Lady Darby Series by Anna Lee Huber continues to captivate me. In the third book A Grave Matter, Lady Keira Darby returns to her childhood home to live with her brother while she seeks to recover from events which happened in Mortal Arts. While with her brother she is once again needed to help solve a murder and once again Gage is called to help. The plot may sound redundant to the other books and it probably is but these books are about so much more than a mystery. 

Kiera is still trying to overcome the emotional damage that being married to Lord Darby has done to her. This marriage had a huge impact on Keira and author Huber doesn’t just discount it. Kiera continues to struggle with trust and feelings of being used and also how being the source of gossip affects her. The marriage has not only affected Keira but also her siblings and we get more about the guilt they feel for not watching over her better and not being aware of what was going on.  I just love how these books really delve into these characters and show them as real people with complicated emotions and feelings. All in a time period that is fun in a part of the world that is intriguing. I mean come on! Scotland in 1830 with castles and a mystery involving grave diggers that ends with adventure! 

I can’t wait to read the fourth book!

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