Mortal Arts – Anna Lee Huber

1FA6077F-8B7F-4868-BE17-D9971857E4C6I love Lady Darby from the Lady Darby mystery series written by Anna Lee Huber! In reading the second book in the series Mortal Arts I came to love her and the series so much. I find her so relatable. She is different than many of the women in her circle of high society women in Scotland in 1830. Often that bothers her and makes her feel insecure but in the end she just can’t be who she isn’t even if that makes her feel vulnerable. Reading about her insecurities makes her feel so real to me. I think her insecurities are often insecurities we all face. 

In Mortal Arts author Huber delves into the topic of mental illness and the medical practices of those in 1830 who have an affliction which doctors at the time did not know how to cure. Kiera, Lady Darby, becomes reacquainted with her childhood art tutor who was committed to an insane asylum and after a local girl goes missing Kiera joins with Sebastian Gage to prove his innocence. At the end of The Anatomist’s Wife Gage and Kiera are becoming romantically entangled and that entanglement and confusion continues in Mortal Arts. 

I found Moral Arts fun and gripping. Between the mystery and wondering what was going to happen between Gage and Kiera I couldn’t put the book down. 

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