Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

936DC5D2-3F94-4C7F-94BA-DD595AB7B10F Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh had me hooked on the first page. It has a great beginning! Anna’s father has committed suicide and a few months later her mother has followed her father and committs suicide in a very similar way. Anna struggles to deal with their loss and also questions their death. In this psychological thriller Anna finds out that things are not always what they appear.

I enjoyed Let Me Lie. There were turns that I was not expecting at all and had to go back and reread things from the beginning because I could not figure out how I had not seen that coming at all.

The story is told in a few different point of views which lead to my being confused by some of the turns. My favorite point of view was Murray, a retired cop helping Anna answer questions she has about her parents’ suicides. I loved Murray and his motivation to help people. He wants to help people with the mysteries in their lives because he truly wants to help. He has a wife who suffers from severe depression and anxiety and I felt so deeply for Murray and his wife. I cheered for them, I was anxious for them and I cried for them. I liked their relationship so much better than Anna and any relationship she was involved in. I actually had a very difficult time with Mark, Anna’s boyfriend and father of her baby. I found him to be very condescending and really did not want the two of them together.

This was a fun read that had me scratching my head and by the end rushing to find out how it would end. If you love to be surprised I would totally recommend this book to you.

My copy of Let Me Lie was provided by the publisher via First To Read in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

What is a book that has turns that took you completely by surprise?

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