Who Moved My Goat Cheese? by Lynn Cahoon

B557EFAB-AFA1-49C5-AFD8-B9582693800DThis book is a lot better than the title and cover would lead you to believe. Who Moved My Goat Cheese sounds nothing like an engaging fun mystery. Also, its not goat cheese that goes missing but an owner of a goat farm that is murdered.

In Who Moved My Goat Cheese by Lynn Cahoon, Angie Turner moves back to the town she grew up in, after her grandmother dies, to live in her home and start a new farm to table restaurant. As she works to line up local vendors she meets angry Old Man Moss, who a couple of days after meeting turns up dead. As she hears talk around the small town and begins to notice things she begins to wonder if Old Man Moss was murdered and who would want to murder him. Angie discovers that though Old Man Moss disliked many people around town her grandmother liked him and so she has a desire to find out what really happened to him. Angie works to figure out the mystery as she also works to get everything ready for the opening of her restaurant. Plus there is a handsome man who runs the local farmer’s market that she becomes interested in.

Yes this is a typical small town cozy mystery girl falls for boy story but I really enjoyed it. I liked Angie and her independence and the book also had some fun small town characters that I enjoyed. The book moved quickly and surprisingly sucked me in. It was a fun quick read and just what I needed while on a last minute weekend getaway.

My copy of Who Moved My Goat Cheese was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

Do titles and covers ever keep you from ever reading a book?

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