The Deal of a Lifetime by Fredrik Backman

91103359-CC10-4A6E-92B8-8DC4EF0D2587Two of my favorite books in 2017 Beartown and A Man Called Ove were written by Fredrik Backman and I loved both of them. They were both very different but I loved the writing in both so when I heard about a novella that he wrote, The Deal of a Lifetime, I quickly picked it up.

66F2121B-72DC-42B0-B96F-CCEC37F31276The Deal of a Lifetime is a very quick read. It’s about 65 pages but many pages have only a picture on them. I loved the pictures! They were simple yet felt important and added to what I was thinking. The story is about a man has spent his life thinking about himself and the legacy he will leave to the world. On Christmas Eve he is given a chance to change that legacy. I felt a theme going through the book was how as humans we can’t bear to die and be forgotten. Is all that we do for ourselves or really for others?

27F183E4-1BEE-450D-A0D7-94BF0F43D818The Deal of a Lifetime has only made me more of a Fredrik Backman fan. I love the way he writes and I love the things he always leaves me thinking about. Just a reminder if you have read other books by Backman. This is a novella and so he is not able to do the great character development he does so well in his other books. While I loved this book I didn’t really know this character the way I know his other characters. But, I still really enjoyed it and it has left me thinking if the legacy I want to leave for me or for others.

I thought this was a great Christmas read. Do you like reading Christmas themed books around the holiday time? What are your favorites?

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